I forgot to activate my tag and my bag has been lost by my airline. Can you help me?

We're sorry, but the way the tags work is that they are 'tied' to your mobile phone number. If you did not activate the tag either online at HomingPIN.com or by texting the code number on the tag to the phone number given, then it simply cannot work. You'll need to speak to your airline.

I activated my tag, and my airline lost my bag but I have not had a text. What do I do?

  1. We text the mobile phone that was used to activate, or the phone number that you provided at HomingPIN.com. If you have since changed numbers then go to your account and update your phone number (that will simply stop this problem recurring). You will find the found bag(s) are notified against your account.
  2. If you did not create an account online and just texted your HomingPIN codes to us, then create an account and put in your old phone number. You will then find any message from a finder. You should then update the phone number and complete the rest of the registration process.
  3. If there is no notification, and you have not changed mobile numbers (or have done the above) then unfortunately we cannot help you. HomingPIN depends on the finder of a bag using the 'World Tracer' system (all baggage handlers have this) or going online to report their find at homingpin.com.

How can I find out which HomingPIN codes I have?

If you have registered on this site it will tell you which codes are 'tagged' to your mobile phone number(s).

I activated my HomingPIN stickers, and put one on my mobile phone. That's the phone I've lost so if the finder reports their find how will I know?

As with the first answer if you have not registered online do so now, and put in the mobile number that you used to activate. You'll then find that any messages from a finder will appear in your account.

I have a question not covered by the above

We do not have a call centre which is part of the reason why homingPIN's are so affordable. But if you email us using the SUPPORT section on this site we'll respond as quickly as we can.